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‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster
‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster
Developer: Ori Meir
Price: Free+
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  • ‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster Screenshot
  • ‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster Screenshot
  • ‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster Screenshot
  • ‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster Screenshot
  • ‎Relaxing Sounds: SleepMaster Screenshot

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Join millions of people who already relax and fall asleep with sleep sounds and white noise. Keep playing sounds for however long you need to ensure you get the good sleep you deserve. With over 150 sounds, music and brainwaves for you to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something you love! Download our app tonight and sleep better than ever before!

150+ professionally recorded and tested sounds to guarantee a good night’s sleep!

Some of the sounds we have include:

Nature sounds

Weather sounds

Fire sounds

ASMR sounds


Water sounds

Relaxing music


Baby Sounds (Womb, Humming etc..)

Animal sounds

City Sounds

White noise

Sci-fi & Space sounds

New content EVERY WEEK to make sure you always have something you love listening to!

What people are saying about us:

“For the first time in my life, I stay asleep throughout the entire night. It’s literally a dream”

“Before using this app it took me like an hour to fall asleep. Now it takes me 5-10 minutes!”

”I tried around 10 different sleep sounds apps. This one is by far my favourite! It’s so easy to use and not confusing like the others”

”I suffer from insomnia and this app really helps. it’s hard to tell, of course, but I think I fall asleep before my timer ends. awesome!”

Mixer - Mix and match high-quality sounds and create your own relaxing ambience

Timer - Set a timer to automatically stop all sounds or close the app entirely after a while

Background Play - Don’t worry about turning your screen off anymore

Sleep Sounds, white noise and relaxing music can help you by:

- Helping you feel calm, relaxed and soothed.

- Blocking out and covering up unwanted noises.

- Forming a sleep association that cues you to fall asleep.

Sleep Sounds, white noise and relaxing music can also help babies by:

- Creating a familiar routine that will help your baby feel safe even in new surroundings.

- Simulating the environment of the womb hence making them feel safe.

- Forming a sleep association that cues your baby to fall asleep.

- Engaging your baby’s calming reflex allowing the baby to sleep longer.

- Blocking outside noises that may wake your baby.

Download our app and quickly fall asleep!

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