[Windows] - Ashampoo Disk Space Explorer - $20.00 - For a Limited Time Only!

Sale ends 4/9/2024 at 4:00 PM

Disk Space Explorer 2023 gives users a clear picture of disk space usage for their drives and helps them to find redundant files. Unlike Windows Explorer, the program can also display results by folder or file type. This makes it very easy to find potential resource hogs e.g., video files, using the built-in file type filters. When it comes to disk space usage by folders, bar graphs quickly reveal their percentages of the total disk space. File type filters also give users a new perspective of their drives and the files they contain. After all, who can really say how many photos or songs a drive holds and how much space the files occupy right away? All format-based filters are fully customizable and users can even add or remove additional formats and group multiple formats together to run custom analyses. Disk Space Explorer 2023 is based on the latest WinOptimizer technology and offers fast and to-the-point information on local disk space usage.

– Visualize file distribution by folder / structure
– Analyze disk space consumption based on file formats
– Locate resource hogs
– Filter by file type
– Customize file type filters
– Multiple types of charts to visualize results
– Create custom filters based on file types

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