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‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper
‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper
  • ‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper Screenshot
  • ‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper Screenshot
  • ‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper Screenshot
  • ‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper Screenshot
  • ‎Clean Camera Roll - Swiper Screenshot
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Meet Photo Swiper, your super easy-to-use app that helps you clean up your iPhone's camera roll super fast. With a simple swipe left, you can say bye-bye to a photo or video you don't need anymore. Swipe right, and you keep the ones you love. It's like having a magic wand for your phone's pictures and videos, making sure you have more space for new memories and your phone works better.


Cool Stuff You Can Do:

Swiper Clear My Photos Quickly:

Make your camera roll neat and tidy in no time. Keep only the photos and videos you really want.

Save Phone Space:

Get rid of all the old stuff you don't look at anymore and make room for new stuff. Your phone will thank you for it!

Relive Fun Times:

Keep the fun memories and enjoy looking through them without all the clutter getting in the way.


Even More Awesome Features:

Easily Trash Old Pictures:

With our easy-peasy cleaner, getting rid of old pictures is a breeze. Just swipe and it's gone!

Sort Out Your Photo Albums:

Keep your favorite photos in order so you can find them fast. It's like having your own photo organizer.

Find and Get Rid of Old Pics:

Our smart cleaner helps you spot and remove duplicates or photos you don't need, making your photo collection the best it can be.

Quickly Clean Up Your Photo Gallery:

Instantly get rid of photos you don't want, like blurry pics or too many screenshots, making more room for the good stuff.

Delete Lots of Pictures, Videos, & Pics:

Not just for photos, but videos and screenshots too. If you don't need it, swipe it away and make your phone feel brand new.

No More Duplicate Photos:

Our app is smart and helps you find photos that are the same so you can keep just one and free up even more space.

Why Photo Swiper is Awesome:

Instant Junk Cleaner:

Get rid of all the unwanted clutter fast. Old pics, random screenshots, it can all go!

Make Space on Your Phone:

Cleaning up gives your phone more room to work better and store new memories.

Video Cleaner Too:

It's not just photos. Clean up videos that you don't need and keep your favorites.

Need Help or Info?


How to Use It: https://happiiapps.com/photo-swiper

Staying Safe and Private: https://happiiapps.com/photo-swiper/privacy-policy

Rules and Stuff: https://happiiapps.com/photo-swiper/terms-of-service


Photo Swiper is like your personal photo cleaner that makes sorting and saving your favorite moments super easy. It helps you keep your phone's storage in check so it runs smoother and lets you enjoy your photos and videos without the mess. Say goodbye to spending hours deleting photos one by one and hello to more space and a happy, organized photo gallery. Download Photo Swiper today and start making your camera roll look amazing!

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