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‎Easy Adblock for Safari
‎Easy Adblock for Safari
  • ‎Easy Adblock for Safari Screenshot
  • ‎Easy Adblock for Safari Screenshot
  • ‎Easy Adblock for Safari Screenshot
  • ‎Easy Adblock for Safari Screenshot
  • ‎Easy Adblock for Safari Screenshot

Blocks ads from pages and streaming videos! No subscriptions... No Acceptable Ads... Just buy once and block forever on all your devices - Supports iOS, macOS & visionOS.

Welcome to Easy Adblock – your one-stop solution for an uninterrupted and private browsing experience!

Tired of incessant ads, trackers sneakily collecting your data, and pop-ups disrupting your browsing? Easy Adblock is here to rescue your online world from clutter and intrusion. With our user-friendly app, empower your web experience across all sites and enjoy the web the way it was meant to be: clean, fast, and private.


Adblock: Say goodbye to all kinds of unwanted ads. Our advanced ad-blocking technology keeps annoying banners, video ads, and pop-ups at bay.

Anti Adblock: Some sites detect adblockers and limit functionality – not on our watch! Browse freely without sites blocking you for using an adblocker.

Privacy Shield: Protect your digital footprint. Our Privacy Shield stops trackers in their tracks, ensuring your browsing habits remain yours alone.

Cookie Cruncher: Fed up with constant cookie consent notices? Our Cookie Cruncher hides these notifications, keeping your browsing smooth and uninterrupted.

Popup Purge: Eliminate distractions. Chat widgets, newsletter popovers, and social widgets won’t bother you anymore.

Global Adblock: Our Global Adblock feature targets and blocks region-specific ads, giving you a tailored ad-free experience no matter where you are.

Easy Adblock is more than just an ad blocker; it's a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your browsing experience while maintaining your privacy. With just a few taps, you can customize your settings and enjoy a seamless, ad-free journey across the internet.

Whether you're reading your favorite blog, watching videos, or shopping online, Easy Adblock works silently in the background, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

Why Choose Easy Adblock?

User-Centric Design: Easy to install and effortless to use. Customize your preferences with our simple interface.

Light on Resources: Unlike other adblockers, Easy Adblock won’t slow down your device. It’s lightweight and efficient, designed for optimal performance.

Regular Updates: We stay ahead of advertisers. Regular updates ensure that even the newest ad strategies are blocked.

Customer Support: Have questions? Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any issues or concerns.

Download Easy Adblock now and transform your browsing experience! Keep your focus on content that matters, free from the hassle of ads and trackers.