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‎Tunely - GIF Editor
‎Tunely - GIF Editor
Developer: William Richards
Price: Free+
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Tunely - GIF Editor Screenshot

Tunely is your ultimate partner in creative expression. This fun, lightweight app empowers you to combine GIFs, add dynamic audio visualizers, overlay text, drawings, and images to create personalized and engaging content. Whether you’re transforming GIFs or editing with professional precision, Tunely offers a suite of advanced tools to bring your unique vision to life. Unleash your creativity and make your content stand out with Tunely!


GIF Background Removal

Quickly get rid of backgrounds in GIFs and images to make your graphics stand out.

Audio Visualizers

Add cool visual effects to your music. Perfect for making your tunes stand out with visualizers that move with your beat.

GIF-to-video Conversion

Combine your favorite GIFs into one video effortlessly. Perfect for creating engaging content or just for fun, turning your GIF collection into a shareable video.

Advanced Image Editing Tools

Edit your pictures like a pro with no fuss. Crop, blur, zoom, and more - all the tools you need to make your images look just right.

25+ custom image and video filters

Play around with over 25 filters to give your photos and videos a fresh look. From vintage vibes to modern twists, find the perfect effect with just a tap.

Custom export sizes

Tailor your creations to fit any platform with customizable export sizes, ensuring your content always looks its best.

Experience content creation like never before with Tunely's intuitive interface. Our app is designed for everyone from social media enthusiasts to professional digital creators. With Tunely, your creative process becomes a delightful journey.

Exclusive Collaborations

We're proud to feature exclusive art from renowned artists, including:

Nguyen Nhut's "3D Invisible Friends"

Markus Magnusson's "Invisible Friends"

James Curran's "SlimHoods"

Lucas Zanotto's "MoodRollers" and "MoodFlippers"

Jerry Liu's "Kibatsu Mecha"

Ashley Best's "Lyke Island"

DeeKay's "LetsWalk"

Yum Yum Studio's "FoxFam"

MarkTheHabibi's "Habibis"

These collaborations bring unique flair to your creations, offering distinctive styles that set your content apart.

Download Tunely today and start transforming your content into extraordinary creations. Whether you're enhancing personal projects or professional work, Tunely provides the perfect canvas for your imagination.