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‎Reflow - Score Editor
‎Reflow - Score Editor
Developer: Gargant
Price: Free+
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot
  • ‎Reflow - Score Editor Screenshot

Compose. Edit. Play. Anywhere.

Reflow is a powerful tablature and music notation editor designed for musicians who play guitar, bass, drums, and more. Trusted by thousands of musicians daily for over a decade, Reflow provides the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life.

Key Features

Tablature Editor

- Stringed Instruments: Perfect for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and more.

- Chord Diagrams: Easily add chord diagrams to your scores.

- Guitar Effects: Includes bends, brushes, and more for authentic tablature creation.

Piano and Classic Music Notation Editor

- Standard Notation: Write scores for any instrument with a traditional staff.

- Advanced Features: Supports grand staff for piano, cross-staff beaming, and more.

Drum Sheets

- Drum Notation: Widely used by drummers for accurate articulations and techniques.

- Special Techniques: Includes tremolo, flams, drags, fingering, and more.

Easy to Use

- Intuitive Interface: Custom visual keypad makes notation entry simple and efficient.

Score Renderer

- High-Quality Rendering: Beautiful, precise score rendering using native Apple frameworks.

Embedded Synthesizer

- Playback: Hear your compositions instantly.

- Practice Tools: Solo/mute tracks, set loops, and adjust playback speed for practice.

Live Edit

- Real-Time Editing: Modify your document during playback for a seamless workflow.


- Data Security: Your data is stored locally and privately within the app.

- iCloud Support: Works seamlessly with iCloud for backup and synchronization.

- Offline Functionality: No internet connection required.

- No Tracking: No account, login, or data tracking required.


- Export and Share: Export to PDF, print your documents, and share freely.

- Guitar Pro Compatibility: Read and write Guitar Pro files.

- Cross-Platform: Works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Free and Fair

- Core Features Free: Essential features available without restrictions.

- Fair Subscription: Unlock premium features with an optional subscription. Keep features forever even if you cancel.

Apple Native

- Optimized for Apple: Built with Apple technologies for the best user experience.


- Crafted with Passion: Developed independently since early 2011.

How the Subscription Works

Reflow offers all core features for free. Opt for an annual subscription to unlock premium features, including all future updates. If you cancel, you retain access to the features you’ve unlocked. Subscription price increases won't affect your current subscription rate.

Premium Subscription Includes:

- No Watermark: Export PDFs without the Reflow watermark.

- 128 Instruments: Access the full General MIDI instrument set.

- Multitrack Scores: Create and display multiple instruments simultaneously.

- Metronome: Enable a click track for practice during playback.

- Playback Speed Control: Adjust the playback speed to suit your practice needs.

- MIDI Input: Use your MIDI keyboard to enter notes step by step.

- Support Indie Software: Help us maintain and develop Reflow for future generations.

Download Reflow now and start creating your music today!

Read more about the In App Subscription standard terms of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/